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Player Rewards Programme

Player Rewards T's & C's

Player Reward Programme Terms & Conditions

  1. The ‘Player Manager’ will be the named player for their team and is responsible for making all bookings.

  2. All bookings must be made using the same ID number. Your ID number will be written on your Captain’s Card.

  3. You and your team will play 10 matches within 20 weeks (that’s just one every two weeks).

  4. Every match must be played from 24 hours to within 14 days of the last.

  5. Each match must be played at the same club, however you can choose the time and day for each booking.

  6. All games must be either peak or off peak.

  7. We guarantee that the prices will not increase or decrease during the time of your 10 matches.

  8. You will have exclusive rights to the booked pitch for the duration of each session.

  9. Once all 10 matches have been paid for the ‘Player Manager’ will claim their 10% cash back at the club. They will then receive a credit into their Powerleague account, which can be spent in the club or refunded to their bank account.

  10. You will have one month to claim the cashback.

  11. You can choose to pay in instalments at the time of each booking or in full for the series when booking your first match.

  12. If you select to play at off peak times, all of your matches must be played off peak. Equally if you select to play at peak times, all of your matches must be played at peak times.

  13. All matches must be paid for in advance, before teams enter the pitch.

  14. Rearranged bookings must fall within the criteria above in order to remain with the terms of the programme.

  15. To qualify for the Player Reward Programme (PRP), each game must be paid for, even if the match is not played. If a match is not played but paid for it will count towards your 10 qualifying matches.

  16. The Player Reward Programme (PRP) cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, incentive or discount that Powerleague Fives Ltd. offers.

  17. Powerleague reserves the right not to renew a Player Reward Programme.

We’re here to help. Please ask your Club Manager for more info and if you have any specific questions.