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Lucozade Sport

Every time you play, you need to make sure that you are properly fuelled and hydrated

The Lucozade Sport Team is committed to fuelling grassroots football and supports this with tournaments, competitions and training advice for all Lucozade Powerleague players.

Drinking Lucozade Sport enhances hydration and fuels performance during endurance exercise. Put simply it fuels your working muscles, replaces lost electrolytes, and keeps your body hydrated.

Hydrate, fuel, focus

Goalie Drinking Lucozade

Drinking Lucozade Sport can help maintain hydration and fuel performance. So make sure you pick up a bottle of Lucozade Sport every time you play and stay fuelled, hydrated, focused.

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Good nutrition and hydration are vital to your performance. Click below to learn just how important your carbohydrate, electrolyte and hydration needs are during games and training.

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