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Summer Camp Week 5

Dublin Spawell, Mon 1 Aug - Fri 5 Aug

Select the days you will be attending camp in the box below. You also have the choice of an early start or a late finish.

Prices and times of camp vary depending on location. Book 5 days for the price of 4 at selected clubs.

Kids Details (Max 99)

Typical day
From 10/day
Early drop off
(from 8:00)
+ extra 5.00/day
Extra time
(until 17:00)
+ extra 5.00/day
Mon 1 Aug
(0 places left)
Tue 2 Aug
(0 places left)
Wed 3 Aug
(0 places left)
Thu 4 Aug
(0 places left)
Fri 5 Aug
(0 places left)