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Summer Camp Week 4

Dublin Spawell, Mon 25 Jul - Fri 29 Jul

Select the days you will be attending camp in the box below. You also have the choice of an early start or a late finish.

Prices and times of camp vary depending on location. Book 5 days for the price of 4 at selected clubs.

Kids Details (Max 99)

Typical day
From 10/day
Early drop off
(from 8:00)
+ extra 5.00/day
Extra time
(until 17:00)
+ extra 5.00/day
Mon 25 Jul
(0 places left)
Tue 26 Jul
(0 places left)
Wed 27 Jul
(0 places left)
Thu 28 Jul
(0 places left)
Fri 29 Jul
(0 places left)