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1-a-side challenge

1-a-side challenge

Dust off your boots and get stretching, it’s time to get rid of that quarantine belly – “The Powerleague 1-a-side challenge” is now on!

A private pitch with the perfect surface, two glorious goals, a pumped up ball and no need to worry about the dreaded ‘man-on’ call. Whether it’s you and your bestie or you and a stranger, it’s in the rules and it’s football fun for two!

Following the updated guidance from the government, you and a friend can now rent one of our pitches for a host of one-a-side challenges that we have created. So all you need now is a mate (it’s no fun playing on your own), take them on and send us your best clips.

We are open from Friday 22nd May at a selection of our clubs. See the club webpages for prices and opening times.

We have also taken extra measures to ensure you can play safely:

  • “1-a-side” pitches will be a maximum of 2 people per pitch and you must follow the clear social distance guidelines and stay at least 2 metres apart. We reserve the right to eject anyone not following the guidelines.
  • To protect you and our colleagues, you can only pay for your pitches online so please book in advance.
  • More information about our detailed safety protocols can be found here

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

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The Challenge:

It’s time to take on the Powerleague one-a-side challenges. You can find the rules for each of our ten challenges below. Good luck. Don’t lose.

There are ten points available for each challenge. 100 in total.

Passing drills: Pass the ball through a series of mini goals created with the cones provided. Two points for each.

Kick ups: Ten points to the player with the most kick ups. One attempt!

Sprinting drills: Take turns to do five individual sprints. The fastest time for each sprint wins two points.

Test your touch: Your opponent passes you the ball ten times and you have one touch to get the ball under control within your square. One point for each time you control the ball.

Crossbar challenge: From the half-way line, try and hit the crossbar as many times as possible (no bouncing!). One point for each time you hit it. Ten points in total.

Shooting drills: Set up cones in five positions and try to score past your opponent. Two points for a goal.

Penalty shootout: Ten penalties each. One point for each scored.

Dizzy penalties: Spin yourself around the ball five times and try and score a penalty. Ten penalties (don’t sue us if you’re sick).

First to five: Simple game of one-on-one with a twist - you have to keep 2m apart! First to five. Ten points for the winner.

One-vs-one pinball: Now this one’s juicy. Each player must stay in their own half and is only allowed one touch. Try and score past your opponent. First to five.