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Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Powerleague Fives Limited employs approximately 450 colleagues in the UK, 59% of which are male and 41% are female.

We are committed to recruiting, developing and rewarding all colleagues equally and fairly and enabling everyone to reach their full potential. The majority of our colleagues work in our Clubs and work less than 40 hours per week.

We are conscious that we have a gender pay gap slightly higher than the national average for all employees, however we continue to work towards reducing this gap and remain committed to equality of opportunity between genders.

Our gender pay gap is primarily the result of employing a larger proportion of male colleagues, a reflection of both the industry and the sport, and a greater proportion of our male colleagues being in management and leadership roles. The gap is not the result of unequal pay for the same role.

Equal pay is concerned with men and women receiving equal pay for the same or similar work of equal value, a principle that is followed in our business. The gender pay gap is concerned with showing the difference in the average hourly earnings of men and women, regardless of their roles across the business. As we currently have more males managing our clubs than females, the overall average hourly pay rate is higher for men and leads to a greater gender pay gap. It remains both a core commitment as well as a challenge for the business, to employ more females, particularly in management roles.

Whilst there is a gender pay gap between men and women’s bonus pay, the statistics demonstrate that a similar proportion of male and female colleagues received a bonus in 2018.

We have published our gender pay gap statistics in line with government legislation.

Difference between Men and Women (hourly rate of pay)


Gender Pay Gap (Average) - 21.7% Gender Bonus Gap (Average) - 57.6%


Gender Pay Gap (Middle) - 9.6% Gender Bonus Gap (Middle) - 64.8%

Proportion of male and female colleagues receiving bonus pay

Men 33.1%

Women 31.5%

Pay Quartilespay quartiles

Christian Rose

Chief Executive Officer