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Can Scotland change the attitude of a miserable nation?

One win away from a play-off spot, is there reason to be optimistic?

Celtic in Europe: becoming negative may prove positive

Is it time for Rodgers to change his style?

Change is afoot in the Scottish Premiership

Is it no longer a one-horse race?

6 Awesome Ideas for a Fun-Filled Football Party

We walk through 6 ideas to make your kids football party a success to remember

The winners and losers from the transfer window

We analyse who done the best and worst business in the Premier League this summer

What went wrong?

Germany, Spain and Argentina had the hopes of a nation on their shoulders - and they came crashing down in Russia.

Football and Fasting

Everything you need to know about Ramadan 5-a-side

Powerleague statement

Read our statement on the gender gap report.

Rivals Weekend

A mammoth weekend of fixtures; including some of the UK's fiercest rivarlies. What can we expect from these tasty ties?

UEFA Nations League - a great opportunity for Scotland

Despite off-field issues, there is reasons to be optimistic about the national team

Magic Potter proving there is life outside of England

The most succesful home-grown manager on the continent, have you heard his story?

Does the UEL need a change - or a change of attitude?

Is the Europa League underwhelming or under-appreciated?

The decline of the Netherlands - what's went wrong?

Once a major player on the big stage, the Dutch will be missing from two successive tournaments.

Pep's Man City finally fulfilling his vision

Man City's summer spending spree proving its worth, with an impressive start to the season.

The shift of power in summer transfer saga's

The window is shut, but questions remain. The players no longer hold the power.

France's conveyor belt of young talent

The mechanics behind the exciting new generation of French talent

The resurgence of Italian football

The transfer window that could prove to be the catalyst.

The glitz and glamour of pre-season

What sort of impact are the Premier League clubs' globe-trotting tours having on our game?

A crucial crossroads for England's Young Lions

Why the next steps of the English national team are the most significant.

Remembering Wembley's most iconic moments

With Powerleague Wembley opening it's doors, we want to remember the stadiums top moments over the years

Five potential replacements for Ronaldo

Who is most likely to fill CR7's boots in the Spanish capital?

System over players, Southgate's best decision?

The new found identity could prove significant in Russia.

Is Mohammed Salah a genuine contender for the Ballon D'Or?

Can the Egyptian King really break the dominance of Messi and Ronaldo?

The year of the underdog?

We take a look at five potential teams who could catch you by surprise this summer in Russia.

Fancy buying in to a lower league club?

Scottish non-league side Edusport academy are shaking up the lower leagues.

The one's that got away

Are cracks appearing in Chelsea's long stand transfer policy?

2018 World Cup: a preview

What do we expect to see in Russia?

Spurs and their structured strive for success

Pochettino's side look destined for greatness, but is their current wage structure sustainable?

FC Barcelona: a political vehicle in the accelerating Catalan conflict

Politics and sport, a sensitive yet unparalleled link.

'Evolution not revolution'

Crystal Palace's theory found useless without patience

The global expansion of Manchester City

City have shares in clubs around the world, what effect will this have on football?

The changing face of football managers

The shift from old school to academic coach is rapidly progressing

Powerleague PL Countdown

A low-down of every PL Club ahead of the new season

Germany: Once efficient, now unstoppable

The recent German dominance shows no signs of slowing down. This is their era.

The farcical finances of modern day football

The evolving world of football transfers, agent fees and who is accountable.