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Lucozade Sport

Every time you play, you need to make sure that you are fuelled, hydrated and recovering properly.

The Lucozade Sport Team is committed to fuelling grassroots football and supports this with tournaments, competitions and training advice for all Lucozade Powerleague players. 

Drinking Lucozade Sport hydrates and fuels you better than water during endurance exercise. Put simply it fuels your working muscles, replaces lost electrolytes, and keeps your body hydrated.

Hydrate, fuel, focus

Hydrate, fuel, focus

Drinking Lucozade Sport can help maintain performance and is proven to hydrate and fuel you better than water. So make sure you pick up a bottle of Lucozade Sport every time you play and stay fuelled, hydrated, focused.

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Lucozade Sport - Fuelling Lucozade Powerleague

Don’t just take our word for it, test it for yourself. Pick up a bottle. Hit the pitch and push yourself to perform. Then tell us what you think. Do you believe that you performed better? See what the scientists believe. Hear what the experts say.

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